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SCRAP's own 100% post-consumer recycled floorboxes for recycling paper have been used by our members for 20 years and the price has not increased for almost 10 years!

Ecocern products feature in many categories of our GreenBuys Catalogue including here with their massive range of bags.            

We list several options here but there are many more - contact us for your needs.

HDPE plastic buckets with strong metal handles are not the greatest environmental option but they come in very handy as compost buckets and for other organic storage needs and of course last for a long time if they are looked after.

Polycarbonate bags are also very useful (and re-useful, lasting many cycles of recycling) despite being a not very environmentally friendly plastic. Don't leave them in the sun as they are not UV stabilised and quickly degrade into powdery litter.

Eeco  always has a bucket on hand to collect those food scraps for the worm farm...

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Source separate organic & packaging wastes - move Towards Zero Waste 

Buckets 20L

Plastic buckets 20 litres (lids available) 

Ecocern 1F Card Bag


Ecocern 2SO Gusset Bag


Ecocern 3 Bottle Bag


Ecocern 3F Shop Bag


Ecocern 6F A4 Bag


Ecocern 6SO Gusset Bag


Ecocern Doggy Dunit Bags


Ecocern Doggy Dunit Bags 1000


Ecocern Record Bag


FloorBox Mixed Paper

Double corrugation box for longer life 

FloorBox White Paper

NEW double corrugation for longer life! 

Reusable Recycling Bags


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