Renewable Energy

SCRAP Ltd has been providing options for saving energy and reducing greenhouse gases for many years. In 2001 when we built the SCRAP Centre (see Home Page for photos) we engaged Luke Williams of LJW Solar to install our solar power system, which is still going strong today. Luke has built LJW Solar over the past 30 years into one of Australia’s most trusted solar photovoltaic companies providing quality and consistency and surviving in an, at times, very difficult market. With Solar power now close to parity in cost with other forms of energy and over 2 million rooftops in this country carrying their own power it is clear that solar’s time has come. Globally solar is close to 1% of all energy produced and it is increasing at around 30% per year. Call SCRAP for free, no obligation quote and support our environmental programs while ensuring you reduce your electricity bills and your greenhouse gas outputs. With LJW Solar you are certain of high quality technology, installation and back-up.

For the past 5 years SCRAP has also been working with Daylight Designs, supplying and installing Solar Stars (solar ventilators) and skylights. The solar vents are 14 times more efficient than the old mechanical systems and considerably reduce the need for air conditioning. They are whisper quiet and last many years – a great contribution to comfort and the environment. The company also supplies and installs highly efficient (99%) skylight systems with vents to avoid heat build-up and diffusers to improve availability and control of light while reducing lighting costs.
Over the past 10 years, SCRAP has also been working with a number of Enviroplumbers (like Bundeena Enterprises) installing solar hot water and heat pump systems. Hot water can cost up to one third of the total electricity in a home, even with offpeak (which generates more greenhouse gas during the night when the hot water is not used). By switching to solar hot water (or a heat pump) when your old system reaches end of life, or before) you can save considerable energy, greenhouse impact and repay your system fairly quickly from the savings.

More recently, SCRAP has been working with Green Lighting Corp an Australian LED manufacturer and installer of high quality. LED lighting can save up to 70% over traditional lighting systems and the lights are warrantied for up to 5.7 years or 50,000 hours meaning that repayment is covered by savings in electricity. LED lights are superior to fluorescents in having no UV and very low InfraRed rays and no flicker which effects fluorescents. Recent audits conducted by SCRAP and Green Lighting Corp in schools indicates that changeovers could occur whcih would recoup funds for schools over the likely life of the LEDs and provide a better lighting environment and significant reductions in greenhouse gases.
Across all these energy areas, SCRAP can provide you with free, no obligation assessments and quotes and folow through with project management of the installations and maintenance from our trusted partners. The returns we make are put back into our environmental education programs for schools and the community.


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