What We Do

SCRAP is a non-profit company and exists to help schools, other educational, government, non-profit bodies as well as private individuals and companies become environmentally sustainable. We encourage you – whether you are a student, a teacher or a member of the wider community – to understand how to do this better.


SCRAP has a wide range of goods and services available (see Shop – which we call the Green Buys Catalogue), ranging from worms and worm farms, waste reduction and recycling to environmental auditing, energy, water and biodiversity conservation and a range of other recycled/green and fair trade products. SCRAP works with the best industry professionals and most honest producers, manufacturers and traders it can find and adds its own unique range of skills in organic waste recovery, environmental auditing and consultancy to help you and your organisation(s) become environmentally friendly.


SCRAP Ltd is a Public Company Limited by Guarantee – that means we are not listed on the stock exchange and we are non-profit. Any money we make is put back into helping schools and other non-profit community bodies improve their environmental programs and to create jobs. We are certified through the Australian Charities and Non-Profits Commission as a Charity and Deductible Gift Recipient (see adjoining menu item – Donate – for details of how you can contribute to SCRAP and receive a tax deduction).


SCRAP (School Communities Recycling All Paper) began 25 years ago when three teachers (including current Director, John Burn and Peter Carroll our Company Secretary) decided they had seen enough paper thrown out with the garbage to last a lifetime. They approached the big paper recycling companies to organise a proper system for paper recycling in schools.

Starting with just eight schools in 1991, SCRAP grew quickly, reaching 100 schools within eighteen months. By 2003, SCRAP’s membership had reached around 1500 active, recycling educational bodies including schools, colleges, child care centres and universities and over 1000 other non-profit and government bodies and businesses. By then we had spread to the ACT and assisted the establishment of a SCRAP program in Qld.


Since that time SCRAP has gone on to work with schools and communities on a wide range of projects and programs including our Water Savers program where we work with Enviroplumbers to retrofit water use by replacing old toilets with new and install water tanks connected to toilets saving up to half of all the water used in a school on average.

Then there is our Renewable Energy Program where we worked with industry partners to solar power schools and community organisations or introduced solar ventilation and LED lighting all helping to reduce Greenhouse impacts on our climate.

SCRAP’s unique and groundbreaking Sustainable Schools Program and its flagship EcoSnapshot Day brought environmental auditing across all aspects of the environment to schools from 2000 onwards showing the way on what a holistic environmental approach was all about.

The Future

Currently we are innovating again with our Fertile Grounds Program which aims to continue work done over recent years in drought proofing our fields by aerating and fertilising fields and using subsurface irrigation and water tanks to reduce demand for water while keeping the fields playable. As we enter another drought period in 2015 -16 there will be huge need for this if Australia is to continue educating its future generations about healthy sporting activity.

Our People

Peter Carroll conducting a Herb Spiral Workshop for North Sydney Council

Peter Carroll

Peter Carroll

Founder and Company Secretary

Peter is a teacher by profession who helped found SCRAP in 1991 and who has lead the organisation ever since with a vision for better environmental outcomes and commitment.



Tracey McManus

Tracey McManus

Public Officer

Tracey is a primary school teacher who combines fulltime work with a tireless commitment of promoting SCRAP and its goods and services.



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John Burn

John Burn

Founder and Director

Secondary science teacher, Woolooware HS and emerging Doctor of Archaeology.

When John isn’t digging up Egypt or lecturing overseas he drops in to volunteer his time as he has done since he co-founded SCRAP with Peter.

Maria Marshall


Maria Marshal


Recently retired primary teacher and SCRAP stalwart for the past decade, Maria is every ready to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in.



Yvonne Lollback

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Yvonne Lollback


Retired primary teacher and director of SCRAP since 2001, Yvonne is an avid bush walker and lover of the environment who brings this passion to SCRAP.



Fabian Veron & Tanya Ternovy


Peter, Fabian Veron and Tanya Ternovy

Company Members and Volunteer Leaders

Long term supporter, co-ordinator in the ACT and current leader of our volunteers, Fabian brings his unique latin sensibility to SCRAP.

Tanya Ternovy has been a long term artist volunteer for SCRAP projects and has also been a Board Director.



John Frew


Principal, Holsworthy HS – SCRAP has always had the current principal of our host school on the Board and John has been a great supporter of our initiatives during his time as principal.

Dave Bryant

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Head Teacher of Administration, Killarney Heights HS and music teacher extraordinaire,


Dave has been Chairman of the SCRAP Board for over 7 years

Andy Graham

Deputy Chair

Retired secondary teacher, campaigner for the environment and peace, Andy brings a wealth of experience to SCRAP and its programs.


Natasha Ternovy Bryant


School Administration worker and our youngest director, Natasha brings a fresh approach and energy to our team. Now in her second year as Treasurer, the financial responsibilities have not deterred her in the least from plaiting garlic.