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SCRAP offers a unique system of waste reduction and environmental education to schools and other bodies. When your organisation joins SCRAP as a Program member you will receive at no cost, our newsletter (SCRAPS), two SCRAP stickers, a Green Buys Discount Sales Kit (15% off all purchases) and a Membership Certificate. As a Program Member you will be entitled to sign up for any of the SCRAP Programs explained on this site, although there are regional variations and limitations for certain programs. Just call 02 9825 1062 or contact SCRAP to find out what is available in your area.


Toward Zero Waste - Paper recycling, green waste reduction and solid waste auditing

Toward Biodiversity - Grounds survey, shade houses, creating habitats, bush tucker/ medicine school

Toward Sustainability - Energy reduction, material use and management, School Environment Management Plan workshops, Sustainable Schools Program, Sustainable Canteens


While SCRAP mainly works with schools, most of these programs can be made applicable to any organisation - just contact SCRAP to find out how you can get involved.


Art and the EcoSnapshot

SCRAP is currently working on a major overhaul of its renowned EcoSnapshot (see Towards Sustainability above). Working on the knowledge gained from over 70 EcoSnapshot Day Programs in schools over the past 12 years we have realised that in order to continue resonating we need to add another dimension to the work.

In taking students through briefings on the key environmental aspects; the audits and surveys which help them to understand the environmental underpinnings of school life and then in the debriefings and report back sessions which complete the day we need an interface between art and the environment.

The enthusiasm we see among students and their teachers can be so much more empowering if imagination and creativity are engaged in presenting ideas and solutions to the many problems we face with our environment. The EcoSnapshot may take on a whole new life through the translation of those rushed presentations in the final few minutes of the day, into well-considered and moving pieces to wider audiences, at other times. With the help of talented performers and educators,  subsequent workshops can permit students and their teachers to craft the environmental messages they would prefer us to witness. This should convert the message into real change, planned on the back of a deeper felt performance than is possible in the brief time available in the current program. (We do not decry the great efforts students make in presenting their ideas which are often moving, funny, dramatic and thoughtful - indeed these responses lead us to want to provide the deeper experiences we believe are possible and desirable).

This is our current vision and teaming with Oz GREEN once again through their YOUth LEADing the World (YLTW) program we hope to integrate the ideas of student leadership they are bringing to people internationally as well as in Australia, with our hands on practical forms of environmental action and understanding.

Through our La Chakana Verde program (see our Home Page) in Australia and Argentina we are building a Network which is capable of enhancing the EcoSnapshot artistically, integrating it with student leadership training (YLTW) and providing a clear vision the younger generation needs to articulate and is calling for.


Any support will be gratefully received.

Please contact Fabian Veron (La Chakana Verde Coordinator) on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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